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I take pride in knowing my clients have an enriched and improved life as a result of coaching. Each person has sessions tailored specifically to their individual needs and I love to see how I've helped shape things for them. If you're curious to know what their experience of working with me has been like then take a moment to read some of their testimonials below.

Testimonials: Testimonials

“I have been working with Jess for the last few months. To start with I was not clear on exactly what I wanted to achieve, but I knew I wanted something different to what I was and had, at the start. Jess created a safe and open space for me to work out what I wanted to achieve and has then helped me refine where I want to go. She has enabled me to discover new things, reframe old things and provided new tools to allow me to move forward positively for both my work and family life. I am in the process of working with Jess to change my career path to achieve the right life balance for me. She has helped me identify what the right balance is and we are now working through how to transform myself to have the courage to follow my dreams rather than those I hadn’t even realised I was following for other people. She is helping me turn the fear of the unknown, into excitement of the possible.”

Sarah H., Agile Project Manager

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"Jessica has an amazing naturally nurturing demeanour, making it easy to build rapport and trust her with your dilemmas, it comes across in her voice and is reassuring and supportive during the tough dialogues as well as the highs. One of the most valuable aspects has been the ability to switch topics - often quite dramatically - in each session. I have found that the opening statement is not actually the nub of the issue and only by being expertly guided through it has it enabled me to really challenge what is underlying that particular challenge or stumbling block.  I have seen a difference in my relationships personally and professionally and have learnt some great techniques on self-reflection as well as a lot about myself. I would recommend a coaching journey with Jessica to anyone who feels they need some help to get from A to B or even just to define what A and B are".

Jacqui Green, Director, Viridis Associates Ltd

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I found Jess at a time in my life where I was feeling particularly lost and actually, very vulnerable. Jess has a quality that makes you feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. She has great insight, is very supportive and a strong motivator.
During our sessions, Jess helped me find a way to work through both the personal and professional issues under which I was struggling. She helped me pinpoint barriers to my progress and guided me to better understand my values and drivers in life.
Her positivity and encouragement have led me to develop far more clarity and confidence in my future.
Spending coaching time with Jess has been invaluable for me. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a motivational and inspiring coach.”

Rachel Thornton-Graham


“A few months ago I was approached by AgeUK to take part in life coaching sessions. I must admit I  had some reservations at first but I am really glad that I took the opportunity to take part in the sessions. I found it very easy to talk to Jessica and made a connection with her. We explored words and their particular meaning and understanding. Being still, meditating, taking up daily writing, thoughts and feelings. I did most of the talking but also listened to Jessica in an exchange which was wonderful. It has been a thoroughly worthwhile time and experience which has helped me to help myself. Jessica has been a breath of fresh air and I feel a change and shift in myself – I am  more confident and at ease. I would recommend Jessica unreservedly as great life coach and friend.”

Joseph Flynn

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“My first session with Jessica was two months ago.  I immediately felt at ease with her and able to freely discuss my mental health crisis and subsequent (ongoing) recovery.  I explained that what I wanted was to explore the different aspects of my life and how to put them back together in a way that made more sense – putting boundaries around work, rebuilding personal relationships, rediscovering my creativity etc.
Jessica was positive and empathetic to these aims and has been very adaptable to working at my pace, giving me a gentle push when needed but not overwhelming me with ‘homework’.
She has questioned gently and reflected back to me my own words and thoughts, helping me to see that I already have the answers most of the time and suggesting alternative solutions when I have been truly stuck.
As a result of our sessions, I feel supported in identifying my priorities and finding ways through my challenges.  I have had moments of real clarity and feel more positive and more able to take control of my life.  I plan to continue working with Jessica and am looking forward to where we go next.”

Eloise W., Data Manager


“Coaching with Jessica is one of the most worthwhile, rewarding things I’ve done. Working with Jessica, led me to trust my instincts, gain clarity and make life decisions I hadn’t felt able to make until then. Jessica has a lovely manner – she is patient and kind, working together with you, clearing a path to achieve your goals. I have benefitted from her coaching in so many ways; from improving my home, becoming more organised, cutting through my generally neglected to-do lists, to achieving my original goal of being braver around attracting more clients to my newly Online business. I highly recommend Jessica as a life coach. Working with her through these uncertain times has been a real lifeline!”

 Cathy T., Yoga Teacher

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“I was initially apprehensive about having coaching however Jessica provided sessions in which I felt I was given the space and time to talk openly and not feel judged in any way.  Through her reflections and questions Jessica not only showed me that she had been listening but also supported me to some real moments of clarity.  This process led me to a realisation that I had been holding myself back based on some beliefs and actions I had not previously been aware of.  The result of coaching has been increased motivation, energy and self belief enabling me to take the action I need to, to realise my goals.  Throughout our sessions I felt that Jessica was compassionate but not afraid to challenge me for my own benefits, a real ally when I needed one.  A really valuable personal experience.”

Laura Murphy, Occupational Therapist

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